Why You Need a Professional Acting Headshot

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Why You Need a Professional Acting Headshot

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Headshots · 22 September 2020
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Acting headshots are all about facial expressions and upper body movements. In order to get a role in the film or theater, it is essential to have an acting headshot ready for casting and auditions. A professionally taken headshot is the best marketing tool for actors. First impression lasts, when a casting director flips through hundreds of headshots, what makes them choose your and give you the role? Below are some important factors to consider in acting headshots.

Why You Need a Professional Acting Headshot?

  1. Get your headshot done by a professional photographer. Casting directors can tell the difference between a headshot taken on a smartphone and a professional headshot. that gives them an impression on how much you care about your acting career. You need a headshot that grabs their attention. A mediocre selfie or one taken by a friend will not work.
  2. Lighting is important in defining your shape. Everyone's face shape is different. Some are oval and some are round. Professional headshot photographers use studio lighting modified to bring out the best feature of your face. This can't simply be accomplished by natural light.
  3. Facial expression counts. When a casting director looks through so many headshots, they look for actors or actresses who would be the ideal fit for the roles. A plain, emotion-less headshot would have less chance in getting the role than an intriguing, capacitive headshot that shows both character and personality. Your headshot should look natural and represents you.
  4. Size, color, orientation matter. Use a standard size acting headshot for casting and marketing. In the U.S. the standard size is 8x10 (8" by 10"). While most acting headshots are printed in the vertical orientation, horizontal is acceptable but not encouraged. While black and white headshots can look timelessly classic. They are obsolete these days. It is recommended to use a color headshot by default. Professional headshot photographers understand these guidelines and meet the specifications.
  5. Print your name on the acting headshot and staple your headshot to the back of your résumé. Your name can appear on the bottom of your headshot in a clear, easy to read font. A professional photographer should provide this service for you.
  6. Getting a professional headshot for your acting career should not be expensive. Photographers' rates can vary greatly. Hiring a photographer who charger more doesn't guarantee your headshot would stand out more. Choose a photographer carefully by looking through their headshot portfolio on the website, and check their rating for customer satisfaction. Remember, portrait or wedding photographers and headshot photographers are not the same. See if the photographer has a gallery dedicated to headshots.

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