Bennet's First Miracle

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Bennet's First Miracle

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Potraits · 10 January 2020
Tags: MosesandtheRedSeaphotoshoptechniquesgreenscreen
My First Miracle
Bennet came to the studio for a photo shoot for his upcoming play "My First Miracle".  He wanted me to create a striking image that portrays the play, and he already had an idea. "There must be a split open ocean, and I shall be there to divide the sea." He said. So we searched for some images and came up with a red sea. Then we began our photo shoot against a green screen so I can easily knock off the background in post-production.  During the photo shoot, I asked Bennet to yell "Open!" out loud as he forcefully swung his arms outward.

So we selected one out of several usable shots and started to superimpose the image onto the background.  To make it look more realistic, I added the shadow by Bennet's feet, changed the color of the background to better match the color of Bennet's image. Finally, I added the lighting effect to make the statement more dramatic.

Bennet was happy with the result. Posters will be made for the play, and I look forward to watching the play in person.

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