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Established in 1992, we are a team of professional photographers with years of experience in people and event photography. We are capable of a broad range of photography from personal projects to celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger to big label companies such as Amazon. We follow the latest trend in photography styles and technology and deliver the best experience for our clients.

Our photo studio is conveniently located in the historic Dogpatch District for in-studio photography and client consultation. We also travel worldwide for events and destination weddings.  For you, it's about finding a professional photographer you trust.. For us, it's all about you!
Kurty Photography Studio
Kurty (founder, photographer)

When Kurty was a child, he was often asked what he would do when he grew up. Without hestitation, he would always answer, "I want to become a great artist."
Years later, with unchanged childhood dreams and aspiration, he chose to major in art with an emphasis in graphic design. In the first semester, he took a beginning photography class at CCSF as a part of  his art major. Under the dim amber darkroom light, he developed his very first image - a photogram. He was surprised and fascinated as he gazed at the image gradually appearing before his eyes. At that moment, he knew deeply in his heart that he wanted to become a photographer.
During college, Kurty would be one of the first students to work in the darkroom and the last one to leave. With enthusiasm and gifted creativity, he explored all aspect of photography from fine art to commercial. He was one of the very few students to complete all 25 photography classes offered since the 1960's. Upon graduation, he obtained a photography degree with a top grade, and was honored by the chairman with a special Award of Achievement.

Today Kurty holds true to his passion for photography, and has come to fulfill his childhood dream. Throughout the year, Kurty's popular studio is kept busy booking events, weddings, portraits and head shots assignments. Twice a year, Kurty finds time to travel out of the country shooting personal projects. And he will never forget his promise to himself - to become a great artist when he grows up.

Inteviewed and written by Johanna Kaestner (Author of By Recommendation Only)

(Kerim (photographer)
A graduate of Visual Media Design and Photography programs. Kerim has found work in the fields of landscape, event, architecture,  documentary, food, portrait photography and is a licensed drone operator.

Kerim's photography approach can be summed up as "Minimize the Unknowns."  By mastering the technical demands of image production, he aims to create settings for relaxed spontaneity, allowing for the best  possible results of creative collaboration. With clients he revels in finding the comfortable balance between composition, expression, and flattering light harmony.
Paul (photographer)

Paul has been a professional photographer for 10 years. He studied photography in Japan, and continued videography studies back here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Paul enjoys shoot events, food, portraits and life style. Paul also gives special Japan photo tours during the Fall and Spring.

For fun, Paul and his wife Paula love to eat sushi and cook creative meals at home. Paul also loves watching movies and studied film making in college. He is passionate about bringing that story-telling aspect learned while in film school to shooting people’s weddings.
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