How to Create Your First Modeling Portfolio?

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How to Create Your First Modeling Portfolio?

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Models · 17 January 2022
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Brianna needed a modeling portfolio for a modeling audition in Los Angeles the following week. We were glad to help her build a strong modeling portfolio at the last minute.

So, what are the model photo portfolio requirements?

As a starter, you will need:

An appealing and clean headshot.
A 3/4 body length shot.
A Full body shot from head to toes.

A strong model portfolio should have a variety of shots that features the model in different outfits, expressions and poses. The photos should contain both studio shots on a plain backdrop, and outdoor enviroments.

Before you begin a modeling career, first ask yourself what type of model are you? Do you have the height as a runway model, or are you intersted in print ads modeling? A fashion or Editoral model? A swimsuit and Lingerie or Fitness model?  When you come to us for a photo shoot, you will need to bring the right outfits for your portfolio. It is also a good idea to gather a few photos that inspired you, and show us the looks you like to acheive.

Creating a modeling portfolio can get expensive. But you don't need to invest in a thousand dollar for starting out. We offer several reasonably priced packages for your budget. Once you sign a contract with a modeling agency, we recommend you work with different photographer as your build your modeling portfolio, so that you have a good mix of styles and looks. Keep in mind that you are not required to work with a modeling agency's photographer. This gives you the freedom to choose a photographer that fits your budget.

After you have done a modeling photo shoot with us, you will have a good collection of photos to choose from. You will need to narrow down to around 10 best photos for your modeling portfolio. Besides choosing the photos that convey your best expressions, pick a variety of expressions and body language that show your personality. As your modedling career advances, your modeling poftfolio photos should expend to showcase more variety of looks.

What do modeling agencies look for in a model portfolio?

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