When a Blind Date Turned Into an Indian Christian Wedding

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When a Blind Date Turned Into an Indian Christian Wedding

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Manisha was on a blind date while studying medical program in German. She was expecting a guy named Lukas in the party but somehow her blind date didn't show up. Later that evening, a tall, handsome man walked to her and introduced himself as Lukas. It turned out to be another Lukas. and fate had it worked out the right way.

It is a lot of work for Cynthia - mother of the bride to plan for a multicultural wedding. The Christian ceremony was held at Skyline Community Church in Oakland with a splendid view of the bay through the window wall. Two cable cars charters were arranged to transport the guests from the church to the private residence on the hills for the Indian ceremony. Tasteful horderves were served during the cocktail from raw sushi to Italian antipasti as a live band performed jazz. When it was time for the Hindu ceremony, a group of Punjabi danced along the drum beats to escort the guests to the ceremony site in the backyard.

The Hindu ceremony began with the offering of flowers to the groom's family. The ceremony was colorful and contained lots of detail in rituals. One of the key rituals involved in walking around the fire seven times as a binding promise to each other.  

The sun had sunken when the long ceremony was over. Then we took family group portraits overlooking the city lights. The reception was a feast with abundant dishes followed by the cutting of the cake. The bride changed into Indian sari dress and celebrated the evening with everyone with flashy Indian dance moves as seen in Bollywood movies. What a spectacular wedding we will always remember!

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