The Joy of Maternity

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The Joy of Maternity

Kurty Photography
Maternity Portraits
Ever since the famous photographer Annie Lebovitz took an astonishing pregnancy portrait of celebrity Demi Moore, a new photography genre called maternity portrait was born.

Being pregnant is exciting for most parents-to-be. It is one of the most special and meaningful times in our lives. Taking maternity shows the amazing transformation of your body and what it's going through. Beautiful maternity portraits will bring back many joyous memories.

Find a professional photographer with the style you admire, and decide if you like the maternity portraits taken in-studio or take lifestyle portraits outdoors. You should schedule a photo shoot around 30 weeks pregnant to a month before the baby is due for a more obvious belly shape.

Whether you're camera shy or don't know how to pose, Kurty Photography can direct you and take timeless and artistic maternity portraits in a fun and relaxed photo session. Ask the hubby to join. And if you already have other children, it would be wonderful to have them involved in the photo shoot.

Taking maternity portraits is one of the most magical moments in life and truly worth the investment.

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