Photo Collage for Kids

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Photo Collage for Kids

Kurty Photography
Photo Collage for Kids
I just love photographing kids (as long as they don't come in the studio in an already bad mood). Their innocent express is priceless and would be quickly lost as they grow up fast. Photographing kids require lots of energy but rewarding when capturing shots of them smiling.

Shooting kids is a different world than shooting grown-ups. I feel like a clown when I photograph kids. Kids have short concentration timespan. The photo session needs to be done quickly before they lose interest. I find the use of props is highly effective in getting their attention. I often use a plastic hammer that emits a loud sound as I bang it on my head. That should get their laugh for a least 10 shots before they get bored. Then I reach to my next prop - a soft orange ball made of styrofoam attached to a long string. I would throw the ball at them and it would retract back just before they could grab it. The ball is a highly effective trick, especially for the boys. If I still need to take more shots, I would use a toy snake that makes noise when squeezed and wrap it around my camera lens. It probably won't make kids laugh but they would stare at my lens with curiosity.

A framed photo collage (featured above) showing kids' various expression makes an awesome wall display at home and make the parents proud.

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