Melissa and Christopher Caen Tied the Knot

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Melissa and Christopher Caen Tied the Knot

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Melissa and Christopher Caen  Wedding
Known as Sweet Melissa, San Francisco newspaper columnist and TV personality Melissa Griffin tied the knot with writer Christopher Caen, son of San Francisco's legendary columnist Herb Caen at the history Victorian-era Haas-Lilienthal House in San Francisco, CA. The bartenders at the reception served Herb Caen’s favorite cocktail, the Vitamin V, and instead of a guest book, there was a typewriter on which friends and family were invited to type notes.

I first met Melissa when she came in the studio for her professional headshots for the San Francisco Examiner. Just like how people would call her, she was very sweet. Years later, when she told me she was getting married, I was so thrilled!

Melissa is a Georgia native and a graduate of Cornell Law School. After living in New York for several years, she moved to San Francisco, where she follows City Hall closely, and writes in her own column for the San Francisco Examiner. She's also a TV personality in CBS's show "Mornings
with Melissa".

Christopher, a San Francisco native and Herb Caen's only son, attended college at Stanford University. He is also a columnist for the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Independent.

After the wedding, Melissa has written a story for the San Francisco Magazine about how they two met titled, "Herb Caen Like I Never Knew Him". Here's my favorite except, "When I finally told my mother, who now lives in Alabama, about my new boyfriend, I explained that his father was a famous writer: “Herb Caen, do you know who that is?” I asked. “Yeah, but does Christopher know who you are?” she shot back." Click on the link to read the whole enchilada:

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