How To Be a Model

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How To Be a Model

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Models · 28 June 2018
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How To Be a Model

Do you have what it takes to be a model?

Many have dreamed of becoming a model, but only
a handful of the fortunate ones would get a chance to be signed by a modeling agency. The quickest way to fame is to get noticed by a scout. A scout from a legit model agency knows the looks that sell in the industry and can open the door for the game. If you're told by your friends that you have the look of a model, then perhaps you do have the potential to take a chance.

How to be a model?

The first thing is to be realistic. Do you have an attractive look? Do you have the height and the right shape? Are you able to portray different characters? If you meet the qualities above, the first step to becoming a model starts with eye-grabbing photos. You need a model portfolio with 6-12 strong photos to be noticed by a model agency. The photos are your first and most important impression in the business. Hence, don't hire just any photographer. Hire a pro who knows the fashion industry and knows what model agencies look for.

Do you need a comp (or zed) card?

Many of my clients ask me this question. The short answer is "no".  If you have just started and haven't signed a contract with an agency, save yourself the money on the comp cards. Comp cards are like business cards for clients to keep so they will remember your look and hire you. It is usually distributed by the model agencies to the clients.

Contacting modeling agencies.

So you now have 6-12 striking photos with various looks from headshot to 3/4 length to the full body.  Now it's time to contact model agencies. Just as searching for a job, don't just contact one agency, contact as many as you can! Well-known model agencies are located in big cities - New York, Los Angeles, and of course San Francisco. Some of the reputable model agencies in San Francisco are Star, Look, Boom and Affinity. If you can meet the agent in person, be sure to have your photos printed (standard size is 9x12) and place them in a portfolio which can be purchased at an art supply store or on Amazon. If you are contacting the model agencies on the website, you can simply submit the photos digitally.

Is attending a modeling school necessary?

While it may be worthwhile to have some basic training in posing, expression, and walking, it is not necessary to spend the money on modeling school. Remember, a model agency will give you the contract based on your look, not training.

Are you ready to take your first step in a modeling career? Kurty has photographed models in San Francisco for more than 20 years. Book Kurty Photography now for stunning images that will leave a lasting impression.

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