Frequent Flyer Miles of Love

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Frequent Flyer Miles of Love

Kurty Photography

It was a long distance relationship for Cindy and Roy when they started dating. The magic of love sure has accumulated lots of frequent flyer miles for Roy until this perfect day.

After several raining days in a row just before the wedding, the sky became clear blue, and the temperature was just right for the winter weather. The bride and bridesmaids rose before sunrise for hair and makeup with Jessie Weng. The groom and groomsmen anxiously waited outside of the bride's parents' home for permission to enter the house to marry the bride. As a part of the Chinese tradition, the bridesmaids gave the groom an extremely hard time by making him pass a series of ridicules and hilarious games - passing seaweed mouth to mouth between all groomsmen; tasting bitter, sour, sweet and spicy food as a symbol to tasting all situations of life; singing and performing the Korean pop song Gangnam Style, and giving enough money in a red envelope to make the bride happy.

Over 200 guests celebrated the wedding ceremony at Treasure Island Chapel, and attend the delicious 8-course Chinese banquet at the popular Zen Peninsula Restaurant in Millbrae. Then it was time to torture the newly wedding by playing games. The wedding party placed a balloon on the groom's lap and asked the bride to burst it by sitting on the balloon. Then asked to newly wedding to burst the balloon again on their chest

Miniature airplanes were on the cake top since travel was the theme. Even when we shot their engagement portraits, they brought along suitcases as the prop. Now Roy the groom no longer need to fly hundreds of miles to meet his princess Cindy. They bought a house and live happily ever after.

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