Four Reasons Why a Professional Headshot is Essential

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Four Reasons Why a Professional Headshot is Essential

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In this new social media era, a professional headshot is more essential than ever before for a career success.  Since the popularity of Linkedin,                                                                        an appealing profile picture is no longer a necessity just for actors and realtors, virtually anyone needs a headshot for the career. Having a professional looking headshot on Linkedin will help in career advancement or finding the ideal job. It is no secret that the hiring managers or recruiters prefer to interview those with a headshot in the profile than none.

However, no one wants to show an unattractive profile picture. Everybody wants to look their best. It is difficult in getting a professional result by taking a selfie. People can often tell a photo from selfie or professionally taken. That being said, hire a professional photographer that specializes in headshots or business portraits. Expect to spend $150 to $350 for services that include high-resolution digital images and photo retouching.  It's a wise investment that pays in return. And besides, you will have some great photos to look back upon.

1. Not everyone is naturally photogenic.
While models are trained to look good for cameras, people need help from professional photographers to make them look their best. An amateur headshot can be dull and unpleasing to look at.  A good headshot should bring out the energy and inner beauty within the person.

2. The importance of photo retouching.
Ever wondered why celebrities look so good in the magazines? The trick is photo retouching. A good photographer is also a talented photo retoucher who can remove blemishes and smoothen the skin. The result is a natural yet refreshed look.  As a matter of fact, a skillful photo retoucher is more effective in making your headshot look more appealing than a makeup artist.

3. Backdrop, lighting and facial expression.
I can't express enough the importance of these three factors in creating an eye-catching headshot. Usually, a professional headshot is taken in a portrait studio against a seamless backdrop. The style began back in the early Hollywood days. The current trend for headshots extends to outdoors with a more natural, lifestyle feel. However, the outdoor background can be distracting and takes away the viewer's focus from the subject. It is important that the photographer uses a shallow depth-of-field to blur out the background so that the subject's face remains as the point of focus.

Photo lighting is what defines the shape of the face and body. A studio photographer would use a soft flash to light the subjects differently according to the subject's shape for a more flattering photograph.

A pleasant expression plays a key role in a photograph. A good photographer can coach and direct the subject to make them relaxed and capture their best expression.

4. The image tells who you are.
The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is still valid today. A headshot is usually the first impression before actually meeting the person. A great headshot should tell who you are and look like you. Never use an old, outdated headshot or heavily retouched headshot that would not associate you with the picture. A successful headshot should show confidence and personality, and that you would want to share it with your friends and families.

Kurty Photography has helped thousands of satisfied clients for professional headshots. Whether you're a business executive,  actor, musician, comedian, realtor, doctor or a professional, let us help you with a top quality headshot that you will be truly happy with.

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