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Kevin Kern's Imagination's Light

The moment when Kevin Kern - the well-acclaimed, top of billboard chart in New Age genre music artist walked into my studio, my eyes brightened up. I've been a fan of his music and have bought his CDs. It was such an honor to photograph his headshots for publicity photos.

Where to Take Senior Portraits

Now is time to take your senior portraits! While many school photographers are not available to take senior portraits in school, we can help by providing one-to-one personal services under Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The Joy of Maternity

Ever since the famous photographer Annie Lebovitz took an astonishing pregnancy portrait of celebrity Demi Moore, a new photography genre called maternity portrait was born.

Photo Collage for Kids

Shooting kids is a different world than shooting grown-ups. I feel like a clown when I photograph kids. Kids have short concentration timespan. The photo session needs to be done quickly before they lose interest.
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