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How soon can I get the images?
Our turnaround time is super fast. The images will be retouched and delivered to you immediately after the photo shoot. We can also take appointments on the same day upon availability.

How long does it take for a photo shoot?
Getting an awesome quality headshot is important. Hence, we don't limit the time of photo shoot. Generally, it takes around 15 minutes per look. Please allow extra time (15-30 minutes) to view, select and retouch the headshots.

How many images will I get for the price of the shoot?
While the Mini Package comes with one retouched image, and two retouched images for the Basic Package, the Classic and Premium packages come with all of the high-resolution images for your keepsake.

Do you shoot in studio or outdoor?
We shoot both in the studio with studio lighting and outdoor with natural light. It's your choice. For two looks or more, get the best of both worlds for studio and outdoor headshots right by our studio.

Can you shoot at my location or my company?
Absolutely! We do have a $500 minimum to shoot on-site. Discount applies to a group of four or more people. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Why is your pricing cheaper than other photographers?
True, the typical price starts at $300 for most headshot photographers. We believe that having a professional quality headshot should be affordable for everyone.

What clothing should I bring?
It is best to wear solid color clothing. Avoid stripes, dots, and bold lines as they distract the viewer's attention from the face. Muted colors (beige, grey, blue, etc.) usually work better than bright colors (pink, yellow, green). For business, a shirt or dress and a suit are recommended. For acting, a darker color top is ideal for a dramatic look.

Can I choose the background color?
Absolutely! We have several modern seamless paper backgrounds to choose from. We can also shoot outdoor for natural, lifestyle looks. We can suggest a background color base on your hair color and outfit.

Can you match the specific background color and image size requirements?
Sure! Show us the specs so we can match it. If we don't have the background color, we can add the background on Photoshop at no extra cost.

Do you provide a hair and makeup person? Is this included in the fee?
Since photo retouching is included with our services, if you are comfortable with your own makeup, hiring a makeup artist is not necessary. We do work with hair and makeup artists ($125 for makeup, $150 for makeup and basic hair styling).

Do you do photo retouching?
Photo retouching is crucial for headshots. All of our packages include photo retouching. In fact, our clients get to see the results instantly while we retouch, so we achieve the best possible natural look.

Do you require a deposit to book a photo shoot?
No deposit required. We are at the studio full time and don't need to reserve studio space.

Do you do passport photos?
Yes, we get asked this question quite often mainly because people want a decent looking passport photo. We can take U.S. and international visa and passport photos that meet the government requirement. The photoshoot is $45 and includes two passport photos and a digital image. che

If I am not happy with the results will you reshoot?
The headshot represents your image and is the key to success. Your satisfaction is my number one goal. We have photographed thousands of headshots since 1992 and know how to make people relaxed and look their best. If you are not happy with the results, We are happy to reshoot or you don't need to pay.

What payment do you accept?
Major credit cards, cash, check, Paypal and Venmo are gladly accepted.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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