Wedding at the Westin by Sacramento River

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Wedding at the Westin by Sacramento River

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Weddings · 20 January 2018
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We always get excited to travel to unique venues that have interesting characters and charm for weddings.  When Helen and Matt hired us to photograph their wedding at the Westin Sacramento by the riverside, we were really looking forward to shooting there for the first time.

The Sacramento River is a long inland river in Northern California that flows into Suisun Bay. Tucked away from the bustling California capitol, the Westin was in a tranquil location along the river. Witnessed by around 150 guests, the wedding ceremony was held outdoors right by the river. A tent was conveniently set up by the ceremony site which made it really easy for the guests to enjoy the gorgeous river view.  Dinner was catered by Scott's Seafood Restaurant located in the hotel.

While the bride was getting ready in the hotel room, the bridesmaids asked us to be ready to capture the sparkles. Sparkles? What sparkles, I thought. When each bridesmaid came out to the living room with a paper sparkler in the hand, I immediately understood what they were about to do. I quickly zoomed out to wide angle, set my Nikon to continuous capture mode, and dropped myself to the ground as the sparkle flakes sprinkled all over the bride. And that was an awesome shot!

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