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Celebrity TV Host Dr. Michael Hunter

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Dr. Michael Hunter
Reelz Channel hired me to do a studio photo shoot for Dr. Michael Hunter, the host of "Autopsy: The Last Hours of…", for the upcoming new TV series. It is a documentary-style show that investigates the tragic, controversial and sudden deaths of celebrities.

It was raining in the morning of the photo shoot. I greeted Dr. Hunter by the studio door and shook his hand. His hand was warm and soft despite that it had dissected many cold bodies to determine the reason for the death. Dr. Michael Hunter quickly changed into the green medical gown for the photo shoot. The production director from Reelz Channel specified to photograph him against a bright white background, so the art team can easily separate and replace the background.

We ended up shooting around 150 images in various poses and expressions. Dr. Hunter was calm and smooth in posing and has the celebrity good look. Although the photos were shot on a white backdrop, I photoshopped in a medical room (as pictured) to visualize how the outcome might look. I am excited to see the final image they would use for promotion and on TV.

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