Catherine and Ian Got Married at Vintners Inn

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Catherine and Ian Got Married at Vintners Inn

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Weddings · 7 June 2017
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For Catherine the bride, it wasn't easy to plan for a wedding in such a short amount of time - just three months after Ian proposed to her. As faithful Christians, the couple really wanted have a wedding just a day before Easter. Their challenge was finding an outdoor venue that would accommodate 250 guests. When they had found Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa, they were thankful and relieved.

As I was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge on the wedding day, tiny raindrops began to drizzle on my windshield. I was a bit worry for Catherine and Ian, as the outdoor ceremony might not work out as planned. Miraculously, a brief moment before the ceremony, the rain stopped and sunshine shimmered through the heavy cloud! I guess their prayers have been answered. As a photographer, I knew the optimal quality of light is after the rain. The scenery was so clear because the rain has washed away particles in the air. I was so happy for them that they had the picture perfect wedding they dreamed of, and was happy that my photo equipment didn't get wet.

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