Miss Hong Kong Erin Tjoe

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Miss Hong Kong Erin Tjoe

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Headshots · 19 May 2018
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Miss Hong Kong Erin Tjoe
So wonderful to hear that my former client Erin Tjoe (朱愛倫) has won Miss Hong Kong beauty pageants! She came into my studio for professional headshots then took the first step into the acting world. Coincidently, a friend of mine was making an independent filmed titled "Mystic Mountain" and needed an actress for the main role. Knowing that I photograph many actresses and models, he asked if I can recommend anyone. I introduced Erin to him and she was a perfect fit for the blade assassin role.

When a star shines, everyone notices. With the experience in acting in Mystic Mountain, she was modeling for Neiman Marcus and appeared on TV commercials for Verizon nationally. It wasn't long before she became the host for several TV channels including Green Travel Destination, the LA Fashion, and co-host of talk show Tailor Made.

Hearing how my headshot photography helped people landing a successful career always makes me really happy!

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