Wedding at St. Peter and Paul and Marines Memorial Club

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Wedding at St. Peter and Paul and Marines Memorial Club

Kurty Photography
Published by Kurty Photography in Weddings · 1 June 2017
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As the recommended photographer on Marines Memorial Club, we just love coming back to shoot more weddings at the splendid venue.

St. Peter and Paul Church and Marines Memorial Club are both highly popular wedding venues in San Francisco. Built in 1924, the church was featured in the Clint Eastwood movies Dirty Harry. Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe and famed baseball player Joe DiMaggio had their wedding photographs taken on the steps of this church.

Marines' Memorial Club is a splendid venue for wedding receptions. Located in Union Square, it is a private social club for United States Marines and other veterans of the United States Armed Forces. However, wedding couples don't necessarily need to serve in the military to have a wedding reception there.

On the wedding day, we begin capturing the very lovely bride Marissa at MMC's exquisite hotel room. Then got on the cable car with the bridal party to the church. It's always so much fun riding on the cable car for weddings, as we watch bystanders on the street joyfully cheer out loud for the wedding party. I feel so blessed that I have the best job in the world!

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