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Wedding at the Westin by Sacramento River

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We always get excited to travel to unique venues that have interesting characters and charm for weddings.  When Helen and Matt hired us to photograph their wedding at the Westin Sacramento by the riverside, we were really looking forward to shooting there for the first time.

The Sacramento River is a long inland river in Northern California that flows into Suisun Bay. Tucked away from the bustling California capitol, the Westin was in a tranquil location along the river. Witnessed by around 150 guests, the wedding ceremony was held outdoors right by the river. A tent was conveniently set up by the ceremony site which made it really easy for the guests to enjoy the gorgeous river view.  Dinner was catered by Scott's Seafood Restaurant located in the hotel.

While the bride was getting ready in the hotel room, the bridesmaids asked us to be ready to capture the sparkles. Sparkles? What sparkles, I thought. When each bridesmaid came out to the living room with a paper sparkler in the hand, I immediately understood what they were about to do. I quickly zoomed out to wide angle, set my Nikon to continuous capture mode, and dropped myself to the ground as the sparkle flakes sprinkled all over the bride. And that was an awesome shot!

Top 7 Indispensable Checklist for hiring a wedding photographer

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Top 7 Indispensable Checklist for hiring a wedding photographer

Finding the ideal wedding photographer isn't easy. Everything has to be right. Well, have the following and you should be just fine:

1. Communication skills

Make sure that you speak to the photographer as well as the wedding planners in detail before the day of the shoot. You need to ensure that on that day, you have as little things to do as possible. If you begin talking about your expectations on that day, it might take quite a while (and trust me, there will be quite a lot to do).

Just ensure that you're done with all the planning and that when the day of the photo shoot does come, you have everything in order and you're ready to just get on with it.
Also, make sure that you're done with the proper introductions and that you're able to discern what everything is and where everyone should be. It makes everything much easier that way, as the photographer will be able to get on with his work in earnest.

2. A sweet location

Inasmuch as the photographer might bust out some professional moves to make your picture look stunning, the venue where the pictures will be taken will also play its part. Make sure to select an awesome location and you’ll be able to see the difference.

3. A wedding planner

While worrying about your photography session going right, you will most probably have quite a lot of things on your mind as well. If you notice that you won’t be able to handle the workload, please don’t feel bad about getting a wedding planner.

4. Enough time

Whether you will be working with a photography coordinator or not, it is important that you always send a wedding day photography schedule to everyone who is going to be involved at least about a month before the big day. This schedule will contain basically everything that you expect to be done by the photographer before pictures can be taken. It lists their responsibilities and what they should be bringing to the table. This way, you are pretty sure that things are all set. There's no last-minute reparation that remains and everyone will have the ability to focus even more on the pictures. It is a practice in being flexible.

5. A second photographer

As much as everything might be in order from one end, the truth is that unforeseen circumstances might still occur. To ensure that the occurrence of these circumstances doesn’t have an effect on your wedding,  it may be wise to hire a photographer that offers a second photographer. Your main choice will most definitely need all the help they can get.

6. Enough food for the big day

For every wedding photography session, it goes without saying that a lot of time will be spent. All of this goes to say that you’ll need to be well-fed. It won’t be easy to worry about your wedding on an empty stomach.

7. A change of clothes

If you plan to have your wedding portraits taken on a different day, you might consider a change of clothing along with your wedding dress to make your pictures look more appealing and to remove the monotony. To find good quality hd sunglasses and dash cams visit Zetronix.

Modern Vintage Photo Backdrop at Fort Point

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Engagement portraits are usually taken months prior to the wedding. It's a perfect opportunity to wear the favorite clothing and have romantic portraits taken professionally. San Francisco provides so many beautiful backdrops for portraits of all kinds - the beach, downtown skyscrapers, lakes, gardens,  etc. Yet the iconic Golden Gate Bridge remains the top popular location for locals and tourists.

The couple loved the architectural elements of Golden Gate Bridge and bricks at Fort Point. It's a distinguished spot that has both modern structures and vintage textures. Built in  1853, the fort was completed just before the American Civil War. Canons were mounted on the rooftop aiming toward possible enemies that might pass through the strait, where Golden Gate Bridge was built many years later. Although no battle occurred at the fort, it remains an interesting site to visit as a historic landmark. The best thing about it is that one can see Golden Gate Bridge up close directly from below. This location is one of the most unique spots for photographers.

Eileen and Andy Wedding at Freedom Hall Santa Clara

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Wedding Fantasia

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Wedding portraits don't always have to be traditional, I thought. I am always trying new ideas and have some fun. One of the many ways to get creative with wedding photos is first to compose an image in the head, then ask the wedding couples to visualize what I see and pose accordingly. And finally, all the magic is done in post production.

Photoshop gives photographers unlimited possibilities to manipulate images in creative ways. The following steps are the tricks I used in creating fantasy photos:

1. Compose an image in mind.
2. Direct the subjects to act and pose according to your vision.
3. Make sure the lighting on the subjects matches the scenario.
4. Find the ideal background from Google images. For best results, click on "Tools", choose "Size" and select "Large" to find the highest resolution images.
5. In Photoshop, cut out the subjects and paste them into the background image.

Star Wars has been one of my all time favorite movies since I was a child. It's so exciting to see the saga continues after 25 years. I've been waiting for the right couple to do this shot - a bride that looks elegant like a princess, and a groom that looks handsome and courageous.

When I first saw Ashley and Jeff, I knew I've found the right couple. Ashely and Jeff are both from Madison, WI. They decided to elope and drove across the states and got married in Lake Tahoe. Right after they exchanged the vows, they drove down to San Francisco and met me at Palace of Fine Arts for their wedding portraits. During the photo shoot, I asked to imagine that they're holding a light saber and took the shot against a wall.  

What if Godzillas show up uninvited and crash the wedding? To compose this shot, I directed the wedding party to scatter around and run toward the camera as if a dinosaur was chasing them. The first shot wasn't too ideal as they all looked forward. I then asked them to look back and imagine they saw a super scary monster coming their way. It was much more realistic.

The super power shot has been done by many people across the globe. To create this shot, I added lighting effects to the image to show blasts through the force.

Oceano Hotel Wedding in Half Moon Bay

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Perhaps it's the cool breeze from the coastal weather, perhaps the relaxing scenic drive on highway one, or perhaps the legend of unsolved Mysteries ghost, the Blue Lady from the Moss Beach Distillery, I've always loved shooting weddings in the picturesque Half Moon Bay. Oceano is a luxury hotel nearby the Pillar Point Harbor where local fishermen sail out in search of freshly caught fish or Dungeness crabs. Visitors can buy the catch of the day directly from the fisherman on the pier, or dine at the famous restaurants like Barbara's Fly Trap, Meza Luna, or Sam’s Chowder House. Simply a walk around the harbor is worth the drive.

So glad that Lauren and Warren chose to get married in Oceano Hotel. Michael, my second shooter and I arrived early to have fish and chips and delicious veggie burger by the charming harbor. Lauren the bride's makeup was just about done when we began the photo coverage. I documented details shots of the brides' accessories while Michael photographed the groom outside which his vintage sports car. The videographers were flying a drone, which is a popular trend for weddings nowadays.

One thing that made this wedding really special - the wedding couple hired the professionals that I love to work with. I've worked with David Wong the florist, Jessie Weng the makeup artist, and John Jow the DJ for countless weddings over the course of 15 years. We sometimes call ourselves the "Fantastic Four". It's always wonderful working with vendors we know well for events and weddings. It makes our work smoother.

The weather was a little unpredictable, so the wedding coordinator suggested the ceremony indoor. That really worked out well because of the village mall setting with a glass roof for natural light. We managed to take some portraits with the bridal party by the beach just across the street from the hotel. The wind was so strong that the bridesmaids' hair had gone haywire. We quickly snapped some shots and went back to the hotel for more portraits.

Around 200 guests were seated for the reception. Juicy steak and chicken were served along with the wedding cake. DJ John Jow always had the magic in getting guests on the dance floor.  And for those who were happy dancing, the night has just begun.

Photography: Kurty and Michael, Kurty Photography
Videography: Bryant Truong, Urbaners
Makeup and Hair: Jessie Weng,
Florist: David Wong, Absolute Elegance
DJ: John Jow
Cake: B Patisserie
Event Manager: Lauren Jackowitz

When blind date turned into an Indian Christian marriage

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Manisha was on a blind date while studying medical program in German. She was expecting a guy named Lukas in the party but somehow her blind date didn't show up. Later that evening, a tall, handsome man walked to her and introduced himself as Lukas. It turned out to be another Lukas. and fate had it worked out the right way.

It is a lot of work for Cynthia - mother of the bride to plan for a multicultural wedding. The Christian ceremony was held at Skyline Community Church in Oakland with a splendid view of the bay through the window wall. Two cable cars charters were arranged to transport the guests from the church to the private residence on the hills for the Indian ceremony. Tasteful horderves were served during the cocktail from raw sushi to Italian antipasti as a live band performed jazz. When it was time for the Hindu ceremony, a group of Punjabi danced along the drum beats to escort the guests to the ceremony site in the backyard.

The Hindu ceremony began with the offering of flowers to the groom's family. The ceremony was colorful and contained lots of detail in rituals. One of the key rituals involved in walking around the fire seven times as a binding promise to each other.  

The sun had sunken when the long ceremony was over. Then we took family group portraits overlooking the city lights. The reception was a feast with abundant dishes followed by the cutting of the cake. The bride changed into Indian sari dress and celebrated the evening with everyone with flashy Indian dance moves as seen in Bollywood movies. What a spectacular  wedding we will always remember!

Tina and Jason got married at Dusmuir Estates in Oakland

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Tags: weddingdusmuirestateseastoceanrestaurantchineseceremonybanquet
Tina and Jason fell in love while majoring in Pharmacy at the university. They would chat on the phone for hours through the night, and Jason would fall asleep during class whiling sitting in the front row. The wedding guests were laughing hard when the MCs told the story of the newly wed during the Chinese banquet at the East Ocean restaurant in Alameda.

The MCs continued, "While dating, Jason would always buy Tina meals whenever they eat out. It was a smart gesture to win her heart. Now Tina can have free meals for the rest of her life."

The weather was so pleasant in the fall season of October. Some of the leaves have turned yellow at the Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate (also known as Dunsmuir House) where the outdoor wedding ceremony was held in the garden. Built in 1899 by Alexander Dunsmuir, the 50 acres wedding venue is a Neoclassical Revival Mansion. It was built as a wedding for his beloved lady Josephine. After several changes of ownership, the Dunsmuir Estates were purchased by the City of Oakland in 1960s and designated as Historic Landmark.

Every time I photograph at Dunsmuir Estates, I'd remember photographing the daughter of the famous Kung Fu master Wong Jack Man's wedding held there several years ago. At that time, I had no idea that the Northern Shaolin style Kung Fu master was the sifu that battled Bruce Lee in Oakland. It was really awesome to have met the legendary man in person and photographing his daughter's wedding.

Photography: Kurty Wong and Michael Ye, Kurty Photography
Videography: Travis Do, 8 Kinds of Smiles
Makeup Artist: Jessie Weng, Makeup by Jessie Weng
Wedding Planner: Celia Yu,   Big Day Service
Cake: Napoleon Bakery
Photo Booth: The Black Tent

Super power shot that was inspired by X-Men the movie

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Tags: weddingfunfunnysuperpowerbridalparty
Not the traditional bridal party photo you've seen. This fun shot which I called "Super power" was taken last week at the historic Dunsmuir Estates in Oakland Hill. The creative idea popped up in my head while I was watching the X-Men Apocalypse movie one day.  I thought "Wouldn't it be nice that the bride and groom hold some sort of super power?". It wasn't till several weddings later when I remembered to do something about the shot. The lightning effect was, of course, added in post-production.

Genevieve and Noah tied the knot on Mayor's Balcony at City Hall

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Tags: weddingciyhallmayorsbalconysanfrancisco
Genevieve and Noah drove down from Sacramento to get married at the splendid San Francisco City Hall. They reserved the Mayor's Balcony for a private wedding to accommodate a large attendance of families and friends. I loved how Genevive's best friend served double duty as Maid of Honor and the wedding officiant, as she revealed the story on how the bride and groom met back in high school.

After the ceremony, we began taking family group photos with both sides of families followed by shots with friends. While the guests were celebrating on the Mayor's Balcony, the happily married wedding couple took portraits at various spots including the Fourth Floor Gallery, the huge iron window, the vintage elevator, and of course the famous grand staircase as seen in major Hollywood hits such as Dirty Harry and the first Indiana Jones movie.

Genevieve and Noah love Bi-Rite Creamy and would always wait in the line for the ice cream every time they come to San Francisco. They were so smart to use Uber-X SUV services and saved more money than hiring a Limo driver. It's always fun and stimulating for photographers to shoot something different. I loved taking photos of them ordering and eating the organic ice cream in the shop. The groom even bought the Uber driver and I a tasteful scoop!

Luckily there was no waiting line to order the ice cream, so it only took us 10 minutes to order and finish eating the ice cream while I took some candid shots. The Uber driver was happy to wait for us while he enjoyed the ice cream, and we quickly got back on the SUV for portraits at Palace of the Fine Arts.

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most popular locations for wedding photos. Uber drove us to Crissy Field for the next location. The weather was perfect and not windy on that day. We didn't spend too much time taking photos there, as Genevieve the bride needed to head back to the Grand Hyatt Hotel to change into an evening dress for the wedding reception. We took some fun photos in Union Square as the last location and discovered a colorful "Love" sign hidden in an alley. What a lovely couple and a memorable day!

Kelly and Jimmy Wedding at St. Ignatius and Olympic Club

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What a fun wedding celebration for Kelly and Jimmy who exchanged vows at St. Ignatius Church in San Francisco and danced the night away at the Olympic Club.

I began with Kelly the bride at the prestigious St. Regis in downtown. Most ladies already have their hair and makeup done, and the bride was just about ready. Heidy the second shooter began with Jimmy the groom at his condo with a gorgeous view overlooking the AT&T baseball stadium and Bay Bridge.

Jimmy the groom and I have something in common. He is the football coach for CCSF where I obtained a photography degree. It was such an honor to capture the couple as they tied the knot at the fully packed church witnessed by hundred of guests.

The Olympic Club Lakeside is one of my favorite reception venues for the open space and bright window lights. It is probably one of the largest golf club house in the nation in size.

The super friendly Olympic Club event coordinator Ava Chin took us on a golf cart and drove us to a scenic green by the ocean. We took some romantic portraits of the newly wed during the cocktail reception while the guests were happily mingling and enjoying the delicious hors d'oeuvres.

Lucky for the guests invited to the wedding, more food was brought in after the bountiful dinner of juicy steak, salmon, and shrimp. Right at 10:00 pm, the staffs pushed a cart full of buttery grill cheese sandwiches and hot dogs to the dance floor. What an exciting evening as the crowd danced along with the live band performed by Pop Fiction.

Photographers: Kurty Wong, Heidy Hernandez
Wedding Coordinator: Julie Briggs Dunn, JBD Events
Olympic Club Catering Director: Ava Chin
Hair and Makeup: Meaganne McCandess
Transportation: BSW Limo, Bauer's
Live Band: Pop Fiction
Photo Booth: Tom Foolery

Claire and Caleb's wedding at Mill Rose Inn, Half Moon Bay

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Whenever I drove down to Half Moon Bay, I felt like I have come to a countryside back road that's far, far away from the bustling city.

Mill Rose Inn remains as one of my favorite wedding venues throughout the years. There's nothing quite like this old world charm English style Bed and Breakfast Inn tucked away in a small street just a couple blocks from the historic Main Street. Every time I visit Half Moon Bay, I'd stop by to say hello to the innkeepers Eve and Terry. They are old friends who always have lots of stories to tell, and always maintain the inn and garden so well. Walking around the inn's gardens, plentiful blossom flowers are everywhere regardless the change of seasons.

Strolling down the historic downtown on Main Street, one can always find something intriguing. Whether a timeless treasure in an antique shop; paintings and sculptures created by local artists in a gallery; or simply tasting a variety blend of olive oil infused with herbs. Not to mention a dozen of restaurants offering meals from sushi to pasta.

This is the place to be for a happily ever after marriage, and that's why couples like Claire and Caleb celebrated their wedding at Mill Rose Inn.

When Delia met Vince - the man who proposed with nine engagement rings

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Delia came in for headshots for her new book titled, "Good to the Fog". While we waited for the hairdresser, she told me the fascinating story of how she met her husband.

Delia was publishing a book in Romania and needed a landscape photo for her book cover. So she went on Flicker and found a perfect photo and contacted Vince the photographer who was in San Francisco for the permission to use the photo. That opened up the conversation and they both felt a strong connection with each other.

For the next two months, they exchanged emails and Vince spent $3,500 on international phone bills (that was before Skype existed). Vince decided that he should fly to Romania to meet Dalia in person. When the plane landed in Romania,  Delia has no idea the flight arrived several hours ahead of schedule. She was desperately looking for Vince at the airport but there was no sign of him. Broken hearted, Delia thought she has lost him as she wandered alone in the airport. Suddenly Vince jumped out from behind a column gave her a big warm hug.  In shock with mixed emotions, Delia got a crowded bus with Vince to downtown. Vince suddenly pulled out an engagement ring from the pocket and proposed to Delia on the bus. Delia just couldn't believe what just happened, but she said "yes"!

The next two years while they waited for the U.S. to approve the immigration, they visited nine countries in Europe. In each country, Vince would propose to Delia again with a new engagement ring. Delia has a total of nine engagement rings, and they are happily married ever since.

Wedding Portraits Around the City

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Wedding portrait is a big thing in Asia and is quite different is style when compared to the U.S. Romantic wedding portraits are done way before the wedding day, and the couples would change into several attires provided by the portrait studio. The portrait studios in Asia are usually one stop shop that provides full services from makeup to flowers and outfits to transportation. For brides, it's their most beautiful moment in life and a dream come true. Hiring a portrait photographer who would bring out their beauty is often considered more important than hiring a photographer to capture the moments of the wedding day.

Queen and Jacob are getting married in Taiwan. Instead of taking their wedding portraits in Taiwan,  they wanted something different -something with a western touch. So they chose to take their wedding portraits in San Francisco as the backdrop. So we begin with a makeup session by Jessie Weng and drove to several scenic locations including Embarcadeo, City Hall, Pier 7, Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy field. Now they have some great shots with famous landmarks to display at their wedding in Taiwan.

Kimberly + Gustalvo | Paradise Cove and Roy's Oahu Hawaii

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We are always super excited to photograph destination weddings, So far, we had the wonderful opportunities to photograph weddings on a private island only accessible by boat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, chic weddings in Manhattan New York, lavish weddings on the flashy Las Vegas Strip, Hollywood style weddings in L.A., and the most popular of all - Hawaii.

Kimberly and Gustavo are both from the Bay Area. They wanted a wedding where the families and guests can relax and have fun. Paradise Cove in Kapolei, HI was just the right place for them. It's a secluded beach overlooking the ocean filled with coconut trees. At night, it is famous for the luau, where guests are greeted by a tropical Mai Tai and traditional Hawaiian music that set the festive mood of the evening.

For the wedding reception, the couple chose the internationally influenced, Hawaii inspired restaurant Roy's, which was just a short drive away from Paradise Cove.

The intimate yet romantic wedding was filled with laughter and joy, as no one was in the hurry to leave. There was no reason to leave, after all, they were in paradise!

Marissa and Phillip's Wedding at St. Peter and Paul Church and Marines Memorial Club

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St. Peter and Paul Church and Marines Memorial Club are both highly popular wedding venues in San Francisco. Built in 1924, the church was featured in the Clint Eastwood movies Dirty Harry. Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe and famed baseball player Joe DiMaggio had their wedding photographs taken on the steps of this church.

Marines' Memorial Club is a splendid venue for wedding receptions. Located in Union Square, it is a private social club for United States Marines and other veterans of the United States Armed Forces. However, wedding couples don't necessary need to serve in the military to have wedding reception there.

On the wedding day, we begin capturing the very lovely bride Marissa at MMC's exquisite hotel room. Then got on the cable car with the bridal party to the church. It's always so much fun riding on the cable car for weddings, as we watch bystanders on the street joyfully cheer out loud for the wedding party. I feel so blessed that I have the best job in the world!

Joanne and Niko Wedding at Ascension Cathedral

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Ascension Cathedral of Oakland is one of the grandest and most stunning churches in the Bay Area. The metal plates that frame the ceiling change color as the interior lighting changes. For wedding photographers, it is a dream church to photograph for all seasons.

Joanne and Niko held a big fat Greek wedding at the church. The gym next door was totally transformed into an exquisite ballroom with long drapes and chandeliers. There was always plenty of delicious food and unstoppable dancing as part of Greek's passionate culture. We celebrated and captured their precious wedding moments as they dance the night away.

Cindy & Roy Wedding at Treasure Island Chapel and Zen Peninsula

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It was a long distance relationship for Cindy and Roy when they started dating. The magic of love sure have accumulated lots of frequent flyer miles for Roy until this perfect day.

After several raining days in a row just before the wedding, the sky became clear blue, and the temperature was just right for the winter weather. The bride and bridesmaids rose before sunrise for hair and makeup with Jessie Weng. The groom and groomsmen anxiously waited outside of the bride's parents' home for permission to enter the house to marry the bride. As a part of the Chinese tradition, the bridesmaids gave the groom an extremely hard time by making him pass a series of ridicules and hilarious games - passing seaweed mouth to mouth between all groomsmen; tasting bitter, sour, sweet and spicy food as a symbol to tasting all situations of life; singing and performing the Korean pop song Ganam Style, and giving enough money in a red envelope to make the bride happy.

Over 200 guests celebrated the wedding ceremony at Treasure Island Chapel, and attend the delicious 8 course Chinese banquet at the popular Zen Peninsula Restaurant in Millbrae. Then it was time to torture the newly wedding by playing games. The wedding party placed a balloon on the groom's lap and asked the bride to burst it by sitting on the balloon. Then asked to newly wedding to burst the balloon again on their chest

Miniature airplanes were on the cake top since travel was the theme. Even when we shot their engagement portraits, they brought along suitcases as prop. Now Roy the groom no longer need to fly hundreds of miles to meet his princess Cindy. They bought a house and live happily ever after.

Tracie and Shawn Wedding at Brownstone Gardens

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Brownstone Gardens is a secret wedding venue tucked in the town of Oakley, CA. After an hour drive from the city, I was surprised to find such a beautiful garden full of shady trees and bountiful flowers. No wonder Tracie and Sean were so excited to have their wedding at the secret garden.

Hollywood Style Wedding in LA

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How fun it was to travel to L.A. to photograph a Hollywood style wedding, along with special guests as George Clooney, Brad Pitts, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The moment the wedding couple Bi and Jimmy walked on red carpet to the grand reception, they were interviewed by chatty Joan Rivers along with paparazzi (so what if they were impersonators).

The zen and intimate ceremony was held under the summer's sun at Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. The wedding couple exchanged their wedding vows on the moon bridge as guests witnessed surrounding a peaceful pond filled with Koi fishes and white cranes.

The Hollywood theme grand reception at Hilton San Gabriel was the highlight of the night. Giant movie posters starring Bi and Jimmy as the casts prominently displayed by the reception entrance. When the newly wed entered, Robin Thicke performed "Blurred Lines" as the newly wed whirled on the dance floor for their first dance, followed by Lady Gaga shaking the entire ballroom with her greatest hits. It sure was one of the most memorable weddings we have photographed, and we could do this every weekend!

Click here to see wedding highlights sideshow.

Amelia and Leon's Wedding at Piedmont Community Hall

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It's been a while since I last photographed a wedding at the Piedmont Community Hall. So I arrived early to scout out ideal spots for portraits and lighting. I then noticed a big tree not far from the ceremony site, and a vision appeared in my head. Wouldn't it be cool if  the wedding couple both sit on the tree for a fun and out of the ordinary pose? Well, as I expected, Amelia the lovely bride didn't want to ruin her beautiful dress, so I had her standing by the tree instead. Thankfully, It still turned out to be a cool shot!

Click here to see wedding slideshow.

The Making of a Wedding Album

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Ever wondered how a custom bound wedding album is made? This video by Forbeyon albums will walk you through the entire album making process from start to finish. See how every fine detail is carefully adjusted for precision.

All of our wedding albums are custom made with a wide variety of cover materials and colors. Choose from leather, silk, acrylic, metallic, or bring your own fabric! We begin by designing the album layout page by page with color enhancements and special effects. Then we send the album layout to clients for approval. Every page is original and a piece of art. Every album we make is hand-crafted for a lifetime of memories.

Same-sex Marriage at City Hall

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Ever since the state of California legalized same-sex marriage on June 26, 2013, I have been photographing same-sex couples traveled from all over the United States and from other countries to be married. It is finally fair that same-sex couples may now qualify for federal benefits that were previously only available to heterosexual married couples.

Same-sex marriage is currently legal in 14 U.S. states including California, the District of Columbia, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

As the official San Francisco City Hall photographer, I am honored to have the privilege to witness, capture and celebrate the diversity in marriages, and meeting wonderful couples from all over the states and the world.

Kym and Jody's Same-Sex Wedding Celebration

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It was so much fun capturing Kym and Jody's same-sex wedding at San Francisco City Hall. The beautiful couple flew in from Phoenix, Arizona for their civil ceremony. Their love was celebrated by family and friends as they exchanged their wedding rings. The splendid architecture of San Francisco City Hall provides amazing backdrops with countless photo possibilities.

"Top Wedding Photographer of the Year" Award

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What a surprise when I found out that I won three top awards at Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area (PPGBA) on February 8, 2009. When President Jorg Lehmann handed me "Top Wedding Photographer of the Year", "Wedding Album Maker of the Year", "First Place Wedding Print" awards, I was thrilled! Knowing there are tons of talented photographers in the Bay Area who also deserve to receive the awards, I felt really fortunate and humbly accepted the awards. W

Daughter of Mauritius Ambassador's wedding

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What I love about Indian weddings is the vibrant colors. Vivid colors in red, green, blue, and yellow are often seen from the fancy yet elegant dress to the enchanting ceremony decoration. I've always found their sophisticated henna and ceremony fascinating. The wedding ceremony is often very long, but much shorter and simplified here than in India .

Zarika the bride is the daughter of Situ, the Ambassador of Mauritius. Their admirable wedding was held on the grand rooftop garden at the Ritz Carlton in the city. In the morning, when I arrived to capture shots of Zarika getting ready, I noticed a bridesmaid busy helping the bride. Although she didn't have any makeup on, she was very beautiful. I snapped some shots of her, and she said in a friendly joking tone, "You're dead!". Little did I know that she was Juhi Chawla - a famous Bollywood actress who appeared in over a hundred Indian movies, and she's the cousin of the bride.

Celebrity Juhi Chawla's photo can be seem on the bottom right of the wedding album layout above..

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