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When You Really Need a Good Photographer

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Our first ever video ad! When Kurty Photography in 1988, there were only several professional photographers in the Bay Area. Mainly due to bulky and costly large film cameras that could only be operated in manual mode. Since it was virtually impossible to see how the shot turned out (unless you use a polaroid), a photographer really needed to learn all the technical skill in order to properly expose the film. One neglected mistake can ruin the photo shoot.

Thanks to the invention of the convenience and automatic features of the digital camera, anyone can just pick up a nice digital camera and become a professional amateur overnight. But photography is beyond just "point and click"; it's a mixture of composition and artistry,  movement and lighting. After so many years working in the field of photography, I am still learning new techniques and constantly improving the way I shoot by following the trends.

I strongly believe the qualified photographers are those with passion and eyes for visual information to capture exceptional images and the skills beyond mere point and click.

"Top Wedding Photographer of the Year" Award

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What a surprise when I found out that I won three top awards at Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area (PPGBA) on February 8, 2009. When President Jorg Lehmann handed me "Top Wedding Photographer of the Year", "Wedding Album Maker of the Year", "First Place Wedding Print" awards, I was thrilled! Knowing there are tons of talented photographers in the Bay Area who also deserve to receive the awards, I felt really fortunate and humbly accepted the awards. W

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