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Row. row, row your love - engagement portrait at Stow Lake

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Jordan is an avid boat rower and wanted something different for engagement portraits. I suggested that we go to Stow Lake in Golden Gate Parks where they could rent the boat for an hour.

It was a beautiful sunny morning on the date of the photo shoot. I arrived a bit earlier to scout out the best lighting and noticed the glare from the rising sun over the lake. I knew it would be the perfect back-lit light for dramatic effect but would have to careful with the low contrast and light spills.

Leanel, Jordan and I met at the boat rental, and I followed them around the scenic lake on foot. At first, I was a bit worried that I might not catch up with the speed of the boat. It turned out that our pace was about the same. That allowed me to take my time to compose and capture the photos. Communication wasn't an issue as I used my body language to tell them to stop or spin the boat around for the perfect angles. I used a long lens (Nikon 70mm to 200mm f2.8) to zoom in closely from the far distant on the shore, and this narrowed the perspective and highlighted the depth of the couple on the boat.

The bride and groom to be now have some awesome portraits for their Save-the-Date cards.

A birthday present for herself

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Gricelia called and said, "It's my birthday today. I want a nice photo taken with my daughter as a birthday present to myself".  She said she never had a good photo taken with her daughter, and she'd be happy if I could take just one good photo. I said to her, "No worries. You will have lots of beautiful portraits to choose from." Later Gricelia came to the studio with her daughter, and we took a variety of shots. After seeing the proofs, she was so happy and thanked me for the nicest birthday present in her life. It always moved me when I hear someone feel great about themselves with their portraits, and the portraits will bring her a lifetime of joy whenever she looks at them.

Portrait of a cute dog

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Sometimes people ask me, "What is the hardest subject to photograph?" Well. the answer would be babies and dogs. Darlene came prepared when she took her dog Jackie in for studio portraits. She was publishing her book and needed an eye-catching shot for the book cover. Besides several cute attires and head pieces that were a perfect fit for Jackie, she also brings in several seamless paper backdrops for the photo shoot.

Jackie was well trained. When Darlene placed her on the paper backdrop, she just quietly sat there. I adjusted the studio lighting to the proper height to define details on her hair and snapped several shots while Jackie was still paying attention to my tone. Soon enough, as I expected, Jackie was bored and just rested her head on the floor. Darlene lifted her up and gave her some treat. I had to imitate barking sound as an effective method to "communicate" with Jackie. It worked.

In an hour of the photo shoot, we took plenty of good shots in various outfits and backdrops. I look forward to reading Darlene's book when it's published.

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