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Dancing with the Cows

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Born and raised in Petaluma, Joseph has been visiting his friend at a barn on the mountain since high school. After the wedding proposal to his sweet heart Joanna, Joseph called me to shoot their engagement portraits at the barn.

On the way to Petaluma's country road, I was expecting to use a horse as the prop and was trying hard to compose some ideal shots in my head. But when I arrived the barn, I quickly found out that there were no horses but rather a bunch of cows!

So we crossed over the fence and carefully walked toward the cows to include them in the background. I remembered many years ago when I was driving in a remote area in Yakima, WA, I pulled over to a cow farm to take photos of the peaceful looking cows. As I approached closer to the fence, one of the cows was surprised by my presence and ran quickly toward my left. Suddenly the rest of the cows (hundreds of them) all charged in the same direction, and I was shocked and scared for my safety.  So this time when I crossed over the fence to shoot the portrait, I was a bit hesitant.  Foruntely, the cows were calm and just gazed us with curiosity from a distant. Thanksfully, we had some great shots.

Row. row, row your love - engagement portrait at Stow Lake

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Jordan is an avid boat rower and wanted something different for engagement portraits. I suggested that we go to Stow Lake in Golden Gate Parks where they could rent the boat for an hour.

It was a beautiful sunny morning on the date of the photo shoot. I arrived a bit earlier to scout out the best lighting and noticed the glare from the rising sun over the lake. I knew it would be the perfect back-lit light for dramatic effect but would have to careful with the low contrast and light spills.

Leanel, Jordan and I met at the boat rental, and I followed them around the scenic lake on foot. At first, I was a bit worried that I might not catch up with the speed of the boat. It turned out that our pace was about the same. That allowed me to take my time to compose and capture the photos. Communication wasn't an issue as I used my body language to tell them to stop or spin the boat around for the perfect angles. I used a long lens (Nikon 70mm to 200mm f2.8) to zoom in closely from the far distant on the shore, and this narrowed the perspective and highlighted the depth of the couple on the boat.

The bride and groom to be now have some awesome portraits for their Save-the-Date cards.

Kurty Photography Receives "People Love us on Yelp!" Recognition

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When I wanted to try a new restaurant or find a professional service, I'd first check with Yelp. Since Yelp's reviews are written by real people, it's always a good idea to see what people's experiences are them.

We are so fortunate to receive the letter of recognition from Yelp. We work hard to meet customers satisfaction, and we are thankful to all the great customers who gave us 5 star reviews!

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