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Wedding Fantasia

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Wedding portraits don't always have to be traditional, I thought. I am always trying new ideas and have some fun. One of the many ways to get creative with wedding photos is first to compose an image in the head, then ask the wedding couples to visualize what I see and pose accordingly. And finally, all the magic is done in post production.

Photoshop gives photographers unlimited possibilities to manipulate images in creative ways. The following steps are the tricks I used in creating fantasy photos:

1. Compose an image in mind.
2. Direct the subjects to act and pose according to your vision.
3. Make sure the lighting on the subjects matches the scenario.
4. Find the ideal background from Google images. For best results, click on "Tools", choose "Size" and select "Large" to find the highest resolution images.
5. In Photoshop, cut out the subjects and paste them into the background image.

Star Wars has been one of my all time favorite movies since I was a child. It's so exciting to see the saga continues after 25 years. I've been waiting for the right couple to do this shot - a bride that looks elegant like a princess, and a groom that looks handsome and courageous.

When I first saw Ashley and Jeff, I knew I've found the right couple. Ashely and Jeff are both from Madison, WI. They decided to elope and drove across the states and got married in Lake Tahoe. Right after they exchanged the vows, they drove down to San Francisco and met me at Palace of Fine Arts for their wedding portraits. During the photo shoot, I asked to imagine that they're holding a light saber and took the shot against a wall.  

What if Godzillas show up uninvited and crash the wedding? To compose this shot, I directed the wedding party to scatter around and run toward the camera as if a dinosaur was chasing them. The first shot wasn't too ideal as they all looked forward. I then asked them to look back and imagine they saw a super scary monster coming their way. It was much more realistic.

The super power shot has been done by many people across the globe. To create this shot, I added lighting effects to the image to show blasts through the force.

Kevin Kern Imagination's Light

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The international acclaimed Steinway pianist/composer Kevin Kern has recently released his latest CD "Imagination's Light", and the CD cover photo was taken by Kurty Photography at the recording studio in Berkeley.

I still remember how challenging it was to set my studio lighting - a black Steinway piano against a pitch black background with Kevin in his black Armani suit. The result was a dramatic, low key yet magical and powerful image with just minimal streaks of light to define the shapes. The spot light on Kevin was the key to the CD's theme - Imagination's Light.

The CD immediately soared to number 4 in the Billboard's top chart, and it's got great reviews.

Kevin is currently on tour in Asia, and I will post his upcoming U.S. tour dates here when I find out.

Please visit Kevin Kern's Web site at More of my photographs can also be seen there.

If you enjoy his soothing music with soft piano and warm rhythms, CDs can be purchased at any Major record stores or on

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