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Super power shot that was inspired by X-Men the movie

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Not the traditional bridal party photo you've seen. This fun shot which I called "Super power" was taken last week at the historic Dunsmuir Estates in Oakland Hill. The creative idea popped up in my head while I was watching the X-Men Apocalypse movie one day.  I thought "Wouldn't it be nice that the bride and groom hold some sort of super power?". It wasn't till several weddings later when I remembered to do something about the shot. The lightning effect was, of course, added in post-production.

Friends are Forever!

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Nadya had a bright idea for her baby shower. She invited her best friends over to her house to draw flowers, then make flower wreaths, and then take a photo of everyone together with their flowers to create a photo as a lasting memory.

When Nadya hired me for the photo shoot and told me about the idea, a picture was illustrated in my head, as I tried to visualize how it could be done. First, we need a tall ceiling, then a ladder, then a white background and floor large enough for seven ladies to lay down. The most challenging part was the lighting. I decided to point my flash upward to the ceiling for a soft, broad light that would evenly illuminate everyone's face without cause shadow.

The result was just as we had visioned - beautiful ladies formed a circle surrounded by colorful flowers that represent everlasting friendship.

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