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How to Get a Picture Perfect Headshot

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How to Get a Picture Perfect Headshot
Life is all about first impressions. Take your best friend or significant other for example; everything about that first meeting is embedded in your mind—like a story that plays over and over again. But the story of “first meetings” has greatly changed. Now we have social media, and everyone is obsessed with taking the perfect “selfie” or, in professional terms, a tell-tale headshot of themselves. You could tell a lot about the person from the picture they put up!
And just like that, a professional website would also require a professional picture! Remember the good old days where you would attach a printed picture on your CV? Well, it’s much like the same way except everything’s all digitalized now!
Getting an effective headshot
You want your headshot to mean something, it’s supposed to have an element of depth to it but how can you achieve that? If you’re new to this then don’t worry, here are a few ways you can get an excellent headshot:

Know why you need it
Here’s a thing about headshots, it can vary greatly according to its purpose. So how can your headshot vary according to the purpose?
    • If you’re getting one for a job or hiring managers then you’ll have to make sure it’s one that’s easily identifiable through profiles like LinkedIn. This will greatly increase your chance of landing a good job and gaining an interview.  
    • If you’re getting one for your business then make sure it defines you as approachable as possible. After all, you want your clients to be able to contact you without any hesitation.
    • It you’re opting for online dating then it should both be attractive and approachable. Enough to make the other person proceed with your profile.

Nailing the look
Now that you know why you’re getting a headshot, it’s time to nail the look. Don’t worry if you’re not photogenic, not everyone is! You do, however, need to know the tricks to getting the right picture. For example, smiling is beautiful but a light smile will give you a more confident yet approachable look. This is often best with business profiles! Similarly, you should find your good side and make sure it’s always directed towards the camera. Remember, headshots rarely ever have room for head tilts so keep it subtle!
It’s the selfie generation…or is it?
Selfies are great and so are candids but they can never be used for a professional account. Save your selfies for Instagram because if not, your clients will wonder if you’re even professional enough for the job. Remember your attire, background, facial expression, everything will play a role here.
Does your attire matter?
Headshots are focused on the head and shoulders but your attire does play a role here. Wear a color that brings out your eyes and it’ll greatly affect the way your picture turns out! The more solid colors you wear, the better the picture will turn out. Remember; try to wear something that contrasts your skin tone for better affects!
Retouching is a must
Retouching allows you to look fresh and removes all the blemishes and wrinkles from your face. It allows you to look more approachable to the clients. It’s definitely a must, especially if you’re looking at a professional picture.
To cut it short, the better your headshot is, the better job you’ll be getting. That’s why you should contact Kurty Photography because they’ve excelled in the area since 1992. With the benefit of retouching being included in every shoot, we leave customers satisfied with both professional and personal headshots.

Online Dating Dream Came True!

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It was hard to believe when Damarys called me to photograph her wedding. Just ten months ago, She came in the studio for her online dating profile photos. She wanted her photos to be natural, relaxed and express her personality. We took shots in the studio and took more casual shots outdoor. She then uploaded the photos to and started to meet people. Before long, Mr. Right walked into her life.

Online dating really does work! Surveys show that having a profile photo generates more profile viewings than none. Having better, more attractive dating profile pictures are helpful to meet more people online.

Damarys success story with online dating really made me happy. It was such a wonderful feeling that my photos helped her find the true love of her life.

Headshots 2015

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Headshots are usually the first impression prior to meeting or hiring someone. Hence, a beyond good looking headshot is essential for a lasting impression. Headshot is for everyone. Whether actors, models, business professionals, lawyers, real estate agents, performers, etc. need a professional headshot to represent themselves. Other popular uses are social media profiles such as linkedin, Facebook, and online dating services such as, eharmony, etc.

Call us today for your headshot for just $125. The photo shoot takes one hour, and you will have an eye-catching head shot that can be used for any purposes.

Online Dating Photos

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Does online dating really work? Yes, it does. Based on the stories from the wedding couples I photographed, a good number of them met online.

When it comes to online dating, what matters the most is simply one word: photo. Let's face it, first impression lasts. A photo says a lot about you. When someone browses through hundreds of profiles, it is the photo take grabs his or her attention.

I often receive calls for headshots for online dating. When asked what to bring to the photo shoot, I would tell them the tips below:

Bring clothing you are comfortable wearing, something that shows your personality. While we will work together on retouching, your photo should reveal who you really are, so your date won't be surprised when you first meet. The photos for your profile should be eye-grabbing and yet natural.

According to eHarmony’s matching team, a medium shot from waist up is the optimum choice and gets the most action. Upload blurry, poor quality or super small images will kill any chances of success.

If you are looking for a successful photo for your profile, let me help you capture the real you by bringing out your best body language and facial expression. We'll shoot both studio and outdoor shots for a variety of looks. Remember, you can always give the photos to your family and your loved ones.    

Here's a list of the top online dating websites:
and here's a great dating website for Asians:

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