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Kimberly + Gustalvo | Paradise Cove and Roy's Oahu Hawaii

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We are always super excited to photograph destination weddings, So far, we had the wonderful opportunities to photograph weddings on a private island only accessible by boat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, chic weddings in Manhattan New York, lavish weddings on the flashy Las Vegas Strip, Hollywood style weddings in L.A., and the most popular of all - Hawaii.

Kimberly and Gustavo are both from the Bay Area. They wanted a wedding where the families and guests can relax and have fun. Paradise Cove in Kapolei, HI was just the right place for them. It's a secluded beach overlooking the ocean filled with coconut trees. At night, it is famous for the luau, where guests are greeted by a tropical Mai Tai and traditional Hawaiian music that set the festive mood of the evening.

For the wedding reception, the couple chose the internationally influenced, Hawaii inspired restaurant Roy's, which was just a short drive away from Paradise Cove.

The intimate yet romantic wedding was filled with laughter and joy, as no one was in the hurry to leave. There was no reason to leave, after all, they were in paradise!

An UFO crashed into my shot!

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The image is from a recent engagement portrait session with a lovely couple Ashley and Jeremy. The couple had just ordered their photos, so I was pulling out the images to print. Suddenly, I noticed there was a black spot on the photo, and I thought it was a bird. After I zoomed in to retouch it out, I was surprised to see an unidentified flying object. There were just a few people on the beach, and I was certain no one was playing frisbee. It would have been a huge frisbee based on the size and distance. No one was throwing anything into the ocean, as I would have noticed it in the background. It was neither a blimp nor a balloon. I took several shots within seconds of the same scene and it only appeared on one of the images. Click on the image to enlarge. What could it be?

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