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A birthday present for herself

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Gricelia called and said, "It's my birthday today. I want a nice photo taken with my daughter as a birthday present to myself".  She said she never had a good photo taken with her daughter, and she'd be happy if I could take just one good photo. I said to her, "No worries. You will have lots of beautiful portraits to choose from." Later Gricelia came to the studio with her daughter, and we took a variety of shots. After seeing the proofs, she was so happy and thanked me for the nicest birthday present in her life. It always moved me when I hear someone feel great about themselves with their portraits, and the portraits will bring her a lifetime of joy whenever she looks at them.

Marissa and Phillip's Wedding at St. Peter and Paul Church and Marines Memorial Club

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St. Peter and Paul Church and Marines Memorial Club are both highly popular wedding venues in San Francisco. Built in 1924, the church was featured in the Clint Eastwood movies Dirty Harry. Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe and famed baseball player Joe DiMaggio had their wedding photographs taken on the steps of this church.

Marines' Memorial Club is a splendid venue for wedding receptions. Located in Union Square, it is a private social club for United States Marines and other veterans of the United States Armed Forces. However, wedding couples don't necessary need to serve in the military to have wedding reception there.

On the wedding day, we begin capturing the very lovely bride Marissa at MMC's exquisite hotel room. Then got on the cable car with the bridal party to the church. It's always so much fun riding on the cable car for weddings, as we watch bystanders on the street joyfully cheer out loud for the wedding party. I feel so blessed that I have the best job in the world!

Joanne and Niko Wedding at Ascension Cathedral

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Tags: AscensionCathedralweddingjoanneandnikogreekorthodoxoakland

Ascension Cathedral of Oakland is one of the grandest and most stunning churches in the Bay Area. The metal plates that frame the ceiling change color as the interior lighting changes. For wedding photographers, it is a dream church to photograph for all seasons.

Joanne and Niko held a big fat Greek wedding at the church. The gym next door was totally transformed into an exquisite ballroom with long drapes and chandeliers. There was always plenty of delicious food and unstoppable dancing as part of Greek's passionate culture. We celebrated and captured their precious wedding moments as they dance the night away.

Cindy & Roy Wedding at Treasure Island Chapel and Zen Peninsula

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Tags: chapelislandchapelzenpeninsulacindyandroyweddingphotography

It was a long distance relationship for Cindy and Roy when they started dating. The magic of love sure have accumulated lots of frequent flyer miles for Roy until this perfect day.

After several raining days in a row just before the wedding, the sky became clear blue, and the temperature was just right for the winter weather. The bride and bridesmaids rose before sunrise for hair and makeup with Jessie Weng. The groom and groomsmen anxiously waited outside of the bride's parents' home for permission to enter the house to marry the bride. As a part of the Chinese tradition, the bridesmaids gave the groom an extremely hard time by making him pass a series of ridicules and hilarious games - passing seaweed mouth to mouth between all groomsmen; tasting bitter, sour, sweet and spicy food as a symbol to tasting all situations of life; singing and performing the Korean pop song Ganam Style, and giving enough money in a red envelope to make the bride happy.

Over 200 guests celebrated the wedding ceremony at Treasure Island Chapel, and attend the delicious 8 course Chinese banquet at the popular Zen Peninsula Restaurant in Millbrae. Then it was time to torture the newly wedding by playing games. The wedding party placed a balloon on the groom's lap and asked the bride to burst it by sitting on the balloon. Then asked to newly wedding to burst the balloon again on their chest

Miniature airplanes were on the cake top since travel was the theme. Even when we shot their engagement portraits, they brought along suitcases as prop. Now Roy the groom no longer need to fly hundreds of miles to meet his princess Cindy. They bought a house and live happily ever after.

Tracie and Shawn Wedding at Brownstone Gardens

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Tags: BrownstoneGardensoakleycaweddingtracieandsean

Brownstone Gardens is a secret wedding venue tucked in the town of Oakley, CA. After an hour drive from the city, I was surprised to find such a beautiful garden full of shady trees and bountiful flowers. No wonder Tracie and Sean were so excited to have their wedding at the secret garden.

Amelia and Leon's Wedding at Piedmont Community Hall

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It's been a while since I last photographed a wedding at the Piedmont Community Hall. So I arrived early to scout out ideal spots for portraits and lighting. I then noticed a big tree not far from the ceremony site, and a vision appeared in my head. Wouldn't it be cool if  the wedding couple both sit on the tree for a fun and out of the ordinary pose? Well, as I expected, Amelia the lovely bride didn't want to ruin her beautiful dress, so I had her standing by the tree instead. Thankfully, It still turned out to be a cool shot!

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